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Yoroi uses high-quality code that has been thoroughly tested and security audited. Our servers and third-party providers are not allowed to see your private keys.

Yoroi Wallet: a Cardano Open-Source Wallet

Yoroi is an open-source wallet for Cardano used to send, receive, and store ADA. As the first product developed by EMURGO, Yoroi offers speed and security in addition to a simplified user interface that doesn’t compromise functionality.

The open-source nature of the Yoroi wallet enhances trust and provides an additional layer of security as potential vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed collaboratively by the community.

Ensuring users have a reliable and transparent means to manage their digital assets was the primary focus during the development and design of the Yoroi wallet. Managed by EMURGO, the Yoroi wallet undergoes regular updates, audits, bug fixes, and new feature releases to ensure it remains up-to-date and responsive to user needs.

What Does it Mean to be Open-Source?

An open-source crypto wallet refers to a wallet whose source code is accessible to the public. Although the open-source nature doesn’t ensure absolute security, it enhances credibility. Rather than relying solely on developers’ trustworthiness and their ability to avoid critical errors or malicious activities, individuals with the necessary skills can independently verify the code’s functionalities. In contrast, a closed-source wallet requires trust in the developers, whereas an open-source crypto wallet relies on trust in the code itself.

Benefits of Being Open-Source

Transparency: Open-source crypto wallets provide transparency as their source code is publicly available allowing anyone to review, inspect, and understand the code behind the wallet. This transparency allows users to verify the security and integrity of the wallet, ensuring that there are no hidden vulnerabilities.

Enhanced security: By allowing anyone to inspect and examine the underlying code, open-source wallets enhance security measures, making it considerably more challenging for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

Auditability: With open-source code, independent entities can conduct audits to verify the security and functionality of the wallet.

Collaborative: Join a community of developers and enthusiasts to help improve open-sourced projects like Yoroi Wallet. Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small.

Increased Privacy: By adopting an open-source digital wallet, users would gain greater control over their personal data or assets while ensuring their privacy. Various privacy-focused features can also be implemented with open-source wallets to ensure user confidentiality.

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